If you were disappointed with the amount of snow we got this past weekend, it looks like you won't have to wait too much longer for another winter storm to come across New York.

The latest weather models are calling for another massive winter storm to sweep across the state and with that will come colder temperatures and more possible snow.

So far it has been a pretty tame winter when it comes to the amount of snow we have seen across New York State.

While New York City got its first measurable snow in over 700 days this month most of the state is at or below normal amounts of snow.

In Buffalo, they are around 4 inches below the normal average amount of snow for this time of year.

The other major cities across New York are also well below normal for snowfall this winter.

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Binghamton is around 11 inches below normal, Rochester is 22 inches below normal, Syracuse is over three feet below normal and Albany is 16 inches below normal for total snowfall.

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