The SPCA has a fantastic new program and you definitely want to be part of it!


The SPCA is offering a program that is fantastic for kids and pets! Your child can actually read to the animals at the SPCA. The program is called, "Tales for Two." This is fantastic for your kiddo to work on their reading and literacy skills and it is a great way for the animals to de-stress and socialize.

This is a win/win situation!

There is a fee though and this goes to help the SPCA. It is only $40.00 and runs on Wednesday evenings over the course of six weeks at the West Seneca SPCA.

It started yesterday and if you missed it you can hop on the next batch of dates...

December 26th and February 6th so there is plenty of time to enjoy this!

To register call: Christine Davis at  716-875-7360, ext. 262

I am so happy they are offering this program for both the kids and animals. It is absolutely fantastic!

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