In the world of pet rescue, it's called a "foster fail" when a person who is fostering an animal ends up adopting that animal...but what do you call it when you're the one who actually rescued that animal?

I've never quite understood why it's called a "fail" at all.  After all, isn't it the whole objective to get these dogs and cats into homes where they're loved and cared for?  That seems like a win to me (for the animal and the adopter).

This is why I could never be a foster for rescue pups.  I'd definitely be keeping more animals than I was able to place in homes.  Now, can you imagine if you were the one who actually pulled this animal from severe circumstances?  Many times, these people literally save these animals from life or death situations.

That's what happened with the Niagara County SPCA recently.  They were able to rescue 3 dogs over the weekend and two of them are actually adopted by the officers that helped rescued them.

The three dogs' names are Foreign, Hemi, and Christmas.

According to WKBW, Foreign and Hemi were essentially abandoned and left in a cage in a backyard.  A neighbor saw that one of them was walking on three legs and the other was just laying in a cage and not moving so they called the officers.

“The nice story about Hemi is that the police officer involved in his rescue.. he and his wife have decided to adopt Hemi.  And there was a sheriff’s deputy there that is very interested in adopting Foreign. We’re very happy to report that both of them will be going to great homes.” - Tim Brennan, the executive director of the Niagara County SPCA

Christmas was a stray that was severely emaciated.  She will be available to be adopted in a few weeks once she's nursed back to health.  But she will not be in the shelter for long considering how sweet she is.

Remember, that a pet should never be given as a gift.  Only adopt a pet if you plan to be there for them.  BUT...if you are considering a pet, think about adopting first.  As Tim Brennan says, “It’s really amazing when you see the look in their eyes. You really see that they now understand they’re in a place where they can trust again,”


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