You think getting a ticket for being on a cellphone here in New York State is bad. How would you like to get a ticket and a fine for eating with chopsticks while speeding along a highway.

Corinne Jackson claimed she was able to handle a steering wheel and a bowl with the one hand she wasn't using to manoeuvre her eating utensils.

But Canadian Justice Brian Burgess said...

"I am not finding that a person who is eating while driving is driving without due care and attention," Burgess wrote.

But he said a "reasonable and prudent person" should have at least one hand on the wheel while the car is in motion.

"The hand that is on the steering wheel should not also be holding some other object."

RCMP Const. Chris Neid testified he had an elevated view of Jackson's vehicle as she headed down the highway...

"There were chopsticks in the driver's right hand which she was using to put food into her mouth. Const. Neid observed that there were no hands on the steering wheel," the decision says.

The maximum fine under the Motor Vehicle Act is $2,000, but most tickets for distracted driving are $368. Jackson has until the end of October to pay.

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