We just heard recently that Buffalo drivers are among the worst in New York State

A new survey found that nearly of us regularly ZONE OUT while we're driving.and half of us said we sometimes feel like we're on "autopilot" behind the wheel.  (It's not clear what the difference is between "zoning out" and being on "autopilot.")

Having a lot on your mind is the #1 reason we zone out.  The rest of the top five are being tired . . . driving the same stretch of road all the time . . . driving the same route every day . . . and because driving is just boring.

Here are a few more random stats from the survey . . .

1.  1 in 9 of us think we're good drivers.

2.  Almost half of us sometimes get distracted while driving.  Eating and using our phone are the top two things that distract us.

3.  Nearly have of us also have a friend of family member who's such a bad driver, it makes us feel unsafe.

4.  And 1 in 7 of us DON'T think we'd pass if we had to retake our driver's test.



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