A national study commissioned by Planet Fitness reveals an amazing fact.

62 percent of Americans (nearly two thirds) have attempted to get into shape before ever stepping foot into a gym, noting that fear of being judged keeps them away from fitness facilities altogether (45 percent).

Millions of Americans have said that in the past year they have been pointed at, laughed at or otherwise ridiculed at the gym.

Planet Fitness invites everyone to join the Judgement Free Zone®, a safe and encouraging place where people can feel comfortable and not intimidated, for just 25 cents down (enrollment fee), and then $10 a month with no commitment. The promotion runs through April 10 at any of its more than 1,700 clubs throughout the United States.

Buffalo area Planet Fitness locations.

Roger Chacko, Chief Commercial Officer at Planet Fitness went on to say...

 It's less about working out to the max every day of the week and more about feeling good about what you do at your own pace. In fact, based on new national physical activity guidelines**, people can significantly improve their health just by moving. All activity counts."



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