Now that school is in full swing across Western New York it is time to address all the parents that are dropping off their kids at school.

If you plan on having your kids skip the bus and get a ride to and from school there are some things that you have to make sure are getting done.

A lot of these parents are new to the drop-off line so as a veteran of the whole drop-off the kids at school thing for years, let me help you keep things running smooth.


All this means is that make sure your kid has their backpack, lunch bag, and anything else they need for school in their lap and ready to go when you stop.

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The biggest frustration and source of the slowdown at the drop-off lane is that kids scramble to get everything ready to go as they are stopped in front of the school.

Believe me, there is plenty of time as you are creeping toward the drop-off zone for your kids to gather all their stuff. There is no need for you and your kid to put papers and computers in a bookbag or grab their instrument while you are in the drop-off zone.

Listen, I get it if they play tuba and you have the instrument in the truck or if they have sports gear that doesn't fit in the car. They need to quickly run around grab it from the truck and move on.

Also, make sure you already said your goodbyes. Give them that kiss, hug, or I love you while you are moving towards the drop-off zone. As soon as you get there, boom the kids should get out of the car and walk to school.

Being prepared for this will not only make the process move smoother, but it will also help your kids get ready for real life and make sure they are ready for the day without the last-minute scramble.

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