So what's up with the "largest bottle of soap" doing a nationwide tour?

It's going to be in Western New York this weekend...and the reason is to raise awareness about hygiene...especially hand hygiene.

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The company Soapbox will donate 147,900 personal care products to communities in need during the tour. In addition, July 15 is both National Clean Beauty Day and National Give Something Away Day.

Soapbox operates on a buy-one-give-one model. In other words, for every product sold, a bar of soap is donated to someone in need.

Soapbox hopes to earn a world record for the most hygiene products donated within a week during the tour. A formal announcement on the world record will be made on July 15.

The bottle of soap will be at Wegmans in Amherst this Sunday. In addition, people are welcome to take a photo and help build hygiene kits donated to children in the foster care system in the Western New York area.

WGRZ-TV tells us those interested can see the bottle from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Wegmans, located at 675 Alberta Drive in Amherst.

According to Soapbox, the bottle is 21 feet tall, 8.5 feet in diameter, and 2,500 pounds and not easily placed on your home countertop.

"The COVID pandemic has helped highlight the importance of handwashing, but as mask mandates go away, we can't let our guard down," says Soapbox co-founder and CEO David Simnick. "People around the world get sick and die every day because they can't properly wash their hands due to lack of access to soap and water."

Simnick added,

"In the U.S., food stamps don't cover personal hygiene products like soap. We hope this tour brings attention to that important issue as well."

If my kids saw this growing up, they would have either run in the other direction or have wanted to climb it. As for me, the only soap I ever saw that looked that big was the bar I had to bite on after using a bad word!


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