Tuesday's record-breaking temperatures in Buffalo didn't appear to keep many inside and those put enjoying the mid-summer heat did it while practicing social distancing.

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Canalside, as expected was one of the more popular spots around the city that was visited by the Channel 4 crew (WIVB-TV) and people were respectful of others.

“The one thing that we’ve been really mindful of is paying attention to the people around us. Making sure that everybody is comfortable with your distance and just paying attention,” said Jim McCarthy, lunch with family at Canalside.

As much as we have heard some complaints about wearing masks they were in abundance yesterday...some even think it's "cool" to see the different designs and themes.

I find myself with a couple different masks compliments of my sister-in-law Sheila who made them for me.

“Well, I’m wearing, my masks, it keeps the dust out too, plus the pollen up, so it helps all the way around,” said Lloyd Nolan,  cruising down the bike path at the Buffalo Outer Harbor.

About a mile away at Woodlawn Beach State Park, there was no swimming, but that didn’t stop sun-worshippers from grabbing some rays.

The heat and humidity is expected to be around at least through Thursday, so grab your water jug and stay cool.

A reminder, as communities are opening up the CDC recommends that folks visit parks close to home and make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from others.

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