Bars and restaurants in western New York are preparing for a sting by the Liquor Authority.  During the next two months the New York State Liquor Authority will be sending in decoys to see if bars admit them in or serve them.


According to WGRZ the underage decoys will be using fake drivers licenses to enter and be served. Bars and restaurants will be held responsible for being able to identify those who should not enter. The penalty the bars and resutrants could face for violating the law, is the loss of their liquor license and large fees.


Bars now have access to several apps and professionally purchasable devices to scan and check IDs. Those that do not use these run the risk of serving someone underage. But a majority of bars and restaurants use certain methods to help identify those who do not belong. Such as "warning signs", etc. acting nervous or looking very young.


Also at the same time as this sting the New York Department of Motor Vehicles will be checking for fake drivers licenses.

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