It's a fact of life here in America that there are many people who are living in poverty.  We tend to think that only Third World countries have widespread poverty.  But much of the wealth in this country is concentrated in the hands of a small percentage of the population.

Surprisingly, the wealthiest zip code in Western New York is actually in Buffalo. Data Zip Maps compiled the wealthiest zips in WNY based on the United States Internal Revenue Service's data from 2018. Coming in at #1 was the zip code 14202 in Buffalo. The 'Adjusted Gross Income' is $225,910, almost double that of the #2 wealthiest zip code in Clarence (which has an AGI of $134690) and almost five times the 14202 zip code's 'Median Household Income' of $46,439.

According to Zip Data Maps, the poorest zip code in WNY has an 'Adjusted Gross Income' is $26,820 and the 'Median Household Income' is $26,496. The AGI for the poorest zip is only 11 percent of the AGI of the wealthiest zip ($225,910), which shows the widening gap between the working poor and the wealthy. The really unfortunate part is that this zip code is also #1 on the list of where the most registered sex offenders live in WNY.

RankZipcodeZip NameCountyMedian Household Income
Adjusted Gross Income
514303Niagara FallsNiagara$27,148$30,810
414301Niagara FallsNiagara$27,317$30,730

If you live in one of these zip codes and are looking for opportunities to increase your pay, try reaching out to the Buffalo Employment Training Center.

The Buffalo Employment and Training Center (BETC) brings together a variety of workforce development organizations, training agencies and employers in a convenient one-stop environment. The Center is open to anyone seeking employment and all services are FREE. We offer support preparation for employment, upgrading or acquiring marketable skills, navigation thru the job search process, use of the tools necessary to be successful, business wear to look the part, networking and placement assistance.

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