The Buffalo March For Our Lives is happening this Saturday March 24 in Niagara Square from 1:30pm - 3pm. It's organized by the WNY Peace Center.

The rally and march is in support of the larger #NeverAgain movement, which is against gun violence in schools and communities.

School shootings can be a difficult topic to broach with your children. When I tried to talk to my 8 year-old about the shooting in Parkland, Florida he said to me "Mommy, it's no big deal. Kids get shot in school all the time. We know what to do."


Sometimes those conversations don't go the way you expect. And if you're trying to open a conversation, or keep one going, you might want to consider attending the March for Our Lives with your kids.

I'm proud that my pediatrician's office is participating, and encouraging parents to participate as well. School violence is a public health issue.

Dr. Danielle Conley, of Allentown Pediatrics has this to say about the upcoming march, "The March for Our Lives is an opportunity for awareness of the public health issue of gun violence. Pediatricians will be marching to support the multifaceted approach to protecting our children- stronger gun laws, opposing laws that weaken existing gun laws, violence prevention programs, research, physician counseling, and mental health access. Children’s safety is a fundamental goal for pediatricians. We are advocating to protect our children."

To learn more about the March for Our Lives, click here.

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