It looks like we are not done with snow yet here in Western New York.

The Winter Storm Warning is set to expire at 1 pm this afternoon for much of Western New York, but don't get too used to having a snow-free day.

More lake effect snow is coming to the region and the National Weather Service announced that a Winter Storm Watch has been issued for parts of Western New York.


The Warning will be in place from Tuesday until Thursday this week and another 12 inches of snow is possible over that time frame.

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Much of Western New York is dealing with plenty of snow from the storm over the weekend. Travel will get a bit easier and much of the travel ban in Erie County will be lifted at 6 am on Monday. Only Lancaster, Cheektowaga, and Lackawanna will be under a travel ban after 6 am this morning.

Officials are asking drivers to stay off the roads if possible to let snow removal equipment to get out and clear the streets around Western New York.

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