Northern states like New York and Massasschutes have been losing population to southern and western states for years. Some areas of the south seem just as Buffalo as Buffalo is.

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In a tweet, Jordan Poyer, the superstar safety for the Buffalo Bills, noted that lots of people from the north have made their way down south. Specifically, he mentioned that northers are DEEP in population in states like Florida.

After making that observation, he follow-up with a simple question: wonder why?

That got us to thinking, exactly why would people leave great states like New York, New Jersey, and Massassachutes for sunny and warmer places like Florida, Georgia, and the Carolina's?

This question likely has a multivariable answer, but in our estimation here are the 4 top reasons why a Northerner would consider a move down south:


Tax Preparers Work To Meet Tomorrow's Deadline
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New York routinely ranks as having some of the highest taxes in the nation. With an average effective tax rate of around 15%, New York sits as the state with the 3rd highest tax rate. Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are all within close proximity.


Southern States First To Feel Effects Of Massive Winter Storm
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Buffalo compared to Florida winter... what else is there to say here.

Cost of Living

The Cost Of Living Crisis "We Can't Pay" Protests Across The UK
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In addition to its high taxes, New York also comes very close to the top of the list of most expensive states to live in when looking at cost of living. NY ranks as the 2nd most expensive state to live in, while Florida comes in at 23rd place.

Business Culture

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Many northern states also have a lot of regulation when it comes to opening, and running a business, while the exact opposite seems to be true about southern states. Many companies have moved their operations to the south for just that reason.

What do you think? What are some reasons you believe people move south?

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