The government might force places that make 'SOY MILK' to change their name because,'s not milk.

The Food and Drug Administration are making sure the definition of milk is clear to the makers of soy milk--milk comes from “milking of one or more healthy cows.” They don't want 'milk' in the product name for something that is plant-based such as soy.


The FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb talked about the plans this week, noting there are hundreds of federal “standards of identity” spelling out how foods with various names need to be manufactured. “The question becomes, have we been enforcing our own standard of identity,” Gottlieb said about “milk” at the Politico event Tuesday. “The answer is probably not.”

Standards of identity have been the source industry spats as American diets have evolved, including fights about what gets to be called mayonnaise and yogurt", according to the AP.

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