Well, here's the scoop. I am single... I wonder all the time... why...



There is a new survey out there that states why you might be single... The stats are pretty accurate in my opinion. Here is what they came up with...

Two thirds of single people blame themselves for being single.

"The survey asked people what personality traits and physical traits of theirs they specifically blame for holding them back."  Here are some of the answers:

For men: They say they are not outgoing enough, they're too boring or too intelligent,too outspoken and too nerdy.

For women: Again, not outgoing enough,low self esteem, too boring and too intelligent

The physical aspects that are holding both men and women back were exactly the same: They believe they are too fat, abs not toned enough, arms not toned enough, legs are toned enough and the one thing that stood out for women were their noses were too big.

This is kinda crazy but sometimes we are our worst enemies.

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