This year is being called the worst pothole season in years! City and Erie County officials are saying a few mild stretches this past winter are to blame for the hundreds of road craters.


City crews are fanning across the area to patch the holes, however the summer paving program does not begin til later this month. The city will spend $10 Million to replace the asphalt this summer.


So where are the worst potholes you've seen? One that I can think of that is INSANELY big is on Michigan Ave in Buffalo right by Roswell. Also on the opposite side of Roswell Washington St all the way to Coca Cola Field is full of numerous potholes!


Buffalo residents are being asked to call 3-1-1 to report city potholes.

State Roads can be reported to 1-800-POTHOLE


Comment below with where the worst potholes are? Send pictures too if you can to !

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