Finally, some of the worst roads that are filled with potholes or have other surface issues will be getting repaved soon. The City of Buffalo released its 4-page list with 180 streets on it; all deemed the worst.  These roads are a priority to repair.  That's the good news, but keep in mind that with resurfacing comes lane closures and delays. You can take a look at the streets below (they are in alphabetical order) to see if your street or any in your neighborhood will be paved, so you can plan accordingly.

Here are all the streets that made the list and will be resurfaced this summer, provided nothing out of the ordinary happens:

ACADEMY - Walden to Doat
ALLEGANY - Tifft to Folger
ANGLE - Flower to Tyler
ARUNDEL - North Dr to Taunton
ASH - Broadway to Sycamore
ASHLEY - Youngs to Deshler
ASHTON - Zollars to South Park
AVERY - Delaware to Virgil
BAILEY - E. Ferry going N 100’
BAILEY - Elk to Clinton
BALCOM - Harvard to Linwood
BARNARD - Clinton to Griswold to Weimar
BELVEDERE - Mercy to McKinley
BENNETT - Broadway to William
BENZINGER - William to E. Lovejoy
BERKSHIRE - Bailey to Westminster
BERWYN - Bailey to Olympic
BRECKENRIDGE - Niagara to Grant
BRISCOE - Walden to Doat
BROWN - Jefferson to Adams
BRUCE - Merrimac to Englewood
BURBANK DR. - Burbank Terr. to Agassiz Cr.
BURBANK TERRACE - Meadowview Pl to S. Dead End
CEDAR - Broadway to William
CHALMERS - Fillmore to Holden
CHANDLER - Military to Bridgeman
CHURCHILL - Amherst to N. Dead End
CLAY - Austin to Military
CLAYTON - Ritt to Hinman
COLLATON - Niagara to Fuller
CONNECTICUT - Niagara to Richmond
COOLIDGE - McKinley to Abbott
CORNWALL - E. Ferry to Northland
COURT - Main to Niagara Square
COURTLAND - E. Delavan to Lang
CRESCENT - W. Humboldt to Jewett Pkwy
CULVER - South Park to McKinley
CUNARD - Tacoma to Taunton
DAVIDSON - Bailey to Godfrey
DAYS PARK - Cottage to Cottage
DELAWARE - North to Forest
DELHAM - Delaware to Edge Park
DEPEW - Parkside to Linden
DEPOT - William to Howard
DEVEREAUX - Englewood to University
DEWITT - Breckenridge to Bird
DEWITT - Bird to Pooley
DEWITT - Pooley to Forest
DINGENS - Bailey to James E. Casey
DORRANCE - South Park to McKinley
E. AMHERST - Poultney to Bailey
E. DELAVAN - Humboldt to Fillmore
E. HURON - Main to Oak
EARL PL - High to Best
EAST - Hertel to Arthur
EASTON - Bailey to Wilkes
EDISON - Gail to Oakmont
ELEY - Englewood to Montrose
ELK - Smith to Babcock
ELK - Babcock to James P. Coppola
ELK - Bailey to Seneca
ERICSON - E. Delavan to Lang
EVADENE - Englewood to Montrose
FENTON - S. Dead End to Clinton
FOLGER - Tifft to South Park
FRANK - Mineral Springs to Norman
FRANKLIN - Court to Chippewa
FRANKFORT - Ernst to Moselle
FRENCH - Fillmore to Kehr
FULLER - Briggs to Ontario
GAIL - Edison to Eggert
GARVEY - Hopkins to Folger
GILLETTE/OAKGROVE - E. Humboldt to E. Dead End
GLENDALE - W. Humboldt to Main
GLOR - Austin to Military
GODFREY - Davidson to Kensington
GREENE - E. Lovejoy to King
GRIFFIN - Exchange to Seneca
GROSVENOR - E. Eagle to S. Division
HARDING - South Park to McKinley
HAZELWOOD - E. Delavan to Lang
HAZELWOOD - Weston to E. Delavan
HENLEY - North Dr to Taunton
HEWARD - Tonawanda to W. Dead End
HEWITT - Parkridge to W. Dead End
HIGHGATE - Main to Comstock
HINES - Downing to S. Dead End
HUDSON - W. Dead End to Niagara
HUGHES - Jefferson to Oakgrove
HUMPHREY - Ontario to Review
HUNT - Tonawanda to Riverside
HUNTINGTON - Parkside to Starin to Sagamore
ITHACA - Whitfield to Tifft
JASPER PARRISH - Hertel to Laforce
JERSEY - Plymouth to Richmond
JEWETT AVE. - Main to Fillmore
KAY - Eggert to Davidson
LAFAYETTE - West to Grant
LAFAYETTE - Colonial Circle to Gates Circle
LAFORCE - Hertel to Jasper Parrish
LAMONT - Ontario to Heward
LAUREL - Masten to Jefferson
LELAND - Zollars to South Park
LEONARD - Davidson to Kensington
LETCHWORTH - Dart to Grant
LEWIS - Clinton to Howard
LINDEN - Wallace to Starin
LINDEN - Depew to Parkside
LINDEN - PARK Dodge to Best
LOMBARD - Memorial to Paderewski
LYMAN - Metcalfe to Lewis
MANHATTAN - Hill To E. Amherst
MANHATTAN - E. Amherst to Central Park Plaza
MARSHALL - Genesee to Northampton
MARTHA - Edison to Eggert
MATEJKO - Rejtan to Clinton
MILDRED - Tyler to Englewood
MILTON - Seneca to Perry
MONROE - E. Eagle to Sycamore
MONTCALM - Englewood to Montrose
N. PARADE - Northampton to Fillmore
NEWFIELD - Vulcan to Ontario
NIAGARA - Forest to Hertel
NORFOLK - 440 Norfolk to 542 Norfolk (Off of Decker)
NORTHAMPTON - Fillmore to E. Humboldt
NORTHAMPTON - Fillmore to Kehr
NORTHUMBERLAND - E. Ferry to Scajaquada
OAKDALE/QUINN - Seneca to Babcock
OSCHAWA Indian - Church to Duerstein
PADEREWSKI - Fillmore to Memorial Circle
PARK - Virginia to Allen
PAYNE - Hopkins to Folger
PENNSYLVANIA - Niagara to 4th
PENROSE AVE. - Blum to Hinman
PERSHING - High to Best
PETERSON - Fillmore to Mills
PRIES - Hopkins to South Park
PRITCHARD - Norman to Fields
RANO - Tonawanda to Crowley
REVIEW - Humphrey to Tonawanda
RHODE ISLAND - Richmond to Fargo
RHODE ISLAND - Niagara to Fargo
RICHFIELD - South Park to McKinley
RITT - Military to Clayton to E. Dead End
ROCKWOOD - Fillmore to Stoneboro
RODNEY - Main to Fillmore
ROEHRER - Best to E. Utica
ROSEMARY - St. Lawrence to Kenmore
SANDROCK RD - Ontario to Review
SHIP CANAL - 310 Ship Canal to Hanna
SHUMWAY - Peckham to Broadway
SIDWAY - S. Dead End to South Park
STANDISH - Parkside to Taunton
STEVENS - E. Ferry to Scajaquada
STOCKBRIDGE - Parkridge to Bailey
STRATFORD - Virgil to 38 Stradford/West Dead End
SUFFOLK - Langfield to Kensington
SUNNYSIDE - Hertel to Holmes
TENNESSEE - Republic to Mackinaw
TENNESSEE - South to N. Dead End
TEXAS - E. Delavan to Lang
THOMAS - William to Metcalfe
TRINIDAD - Kensington to S. Dead End
TUXEDO - Hertel to Holmes
TYLER - W. Winspear to Angle
VIRGINIA ST - Main to Elmwood
VIRGINIA PL - Allen to Virginia
W. DELAVAN - Grant to Richmond
W. FERRY - Grant to Richmond
W. HURON - Niagara to Delaware
WASHINGTON - E. Huron to Goodell
WASHINGTON - Exchange to Broadway
WEST - W. Ferry to Albany
WILLETT - Seward to Clinton
WILLOW PL - Kingsley to N. Dead End
WINDSOR - Potomac to Inwood to Rumsey
WINSLOW - Fillmore to Kehr
WOEPPEL - Fillmore to E. Humboldt
WOHLERS - Dodge to Landon
ZITTEL - Seneca to Fields

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