Yesterday on the Dave & Melody show they mentioned how Domino's will be providing grants to some towns to fix the potholes.  Well, Buffalo announced their schedule too.



We live in Buffalo and the winters are horrid. It does takes its toll on our roads. Especially, since we salt those roads in freezing temperatures. The salt can do damage to the roads and cars as well. The reason why we have pot holes is because when water freezes, it expands. Water usually freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When it expands the ground becomes weak and when heavy vehicles drive on those weak materials, "surprise!" we have potholes.

The city of Buffalo is investing 10 million dollars to repave the streets. This is definitely great news!

Hitting a pothole can do some serious damage to your car as well. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the pothole and how hard you hit it, you can even pop a tire, mess up your shocks, steering misalignment, just to name a few.  This can certainly get costly!

Now, with them working on the streets, this means that there will be traffic due to one lane roads and construction. This could place a damper on your morning. Check out the list here:



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