A Buffalo woman hit a bicyclist with a pickup truck, and the incident led to a $200 fine for the woman.

The bicyclist was struck back in September 2020 during a demonstration outside of the City Hall. 

The woman, Joanna Gollnau, was 26 at the time when she drove through Niagara Square and struck another woman who was on a bicycle. 

After the incident, the bicyclist was rushed to the hospital as a result of the injuries. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, Gollnau pleaded guilty to the incident and failure to exercise due care, which is a driving violation. Gollnau also received two points on her driver’s license and was fined $200. 

It’s always important to be cautious when driving, so hopefully you never experience this type of incident. However, it is good to know the rules of the road -- and in this case, with bicycles as well.

When Is An Accident A Cyclist’s Fault?

In car accidents that involve a bicycle, the liability is generally allocated to the driver of the car. There is a lack of protection in this instance for cyclists, but there are occasions when a bicyclist can be the one who is at fault for the accidents. 

An accident can be a bicyclist’s fault when:

  • the bicyclist ignores traffic signals,

  • the bicyclist rides on the wrong side of the street,

  • or practicing any other negligent behaviors when biking.

Some of these negligent behaviors when biking include:

  • not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign,

  • not riding in the bike lane,

  • riding on the wrong side of the street,

  • riding against the direction of traffic,

  • making a sudden turn without any indication,

  • and failing to yield.

As always, be cautious on the roads, and stay safe.

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