Everyday someone tells me that they always wanted to do stand up comedy but are too afraid to.  They think they would be good but their fear of public speaking is too strong. Here's a tip: That's the easy part, it's the rejection that is hard!


I am a stand up comedian, and I was booked to feature at Helium Comedy Club in downtown Buffalo January 5-7.  I have worked as a comedian for 13 years and it surprises me what people think it's like to be one.  Some think its rockstar glamorous and others think its a grind to the poorhouse.  As with most things, it's somewhere in between.


Anyway, I shot this behind the scenes video of the show to help give you a little insight. Disclaimer: It was absolutely freezing when this was shot and I had many technical difficulties.  I was able to put it together, but some footage was unfortunately lost.  I hope you enjoy it!

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