I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Buffalo Zoo and it was phenomenal! Unlike anything that I have ever experienced.



The Mix Morning show headed to The Buffalo Zoo to endure a once in a lifetime experience. According to Christian who was our amazing tour guide, the Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest Zoo which opened in 1875. I gotta tell you, they certainly take care of these animals!

First stop, the Polar Bears! We were able to watch Sikari eat a spoonful of peanut butter from her trainer. UP CLOSE. It was unbelievable! I have never seen that happen ever! When the trainer had Sikari go up on the back legs, we saw the actual size of this amazing creature. It was massive!

Then, we wandered off to see the otters. Every time I see the sea otters, I just melt. They were frisky little fellas and it was hard to take a picture. It was fun to see them play and swim.

We then saw a ginormous seal. Let me tell you, they are LOUD! It was just so amazing as I have never heard this before.

Off to see the many giraffe's. The Giraffe's, I was really surprised as there was more than one. I always thought that there was just one... No, there's like 5!

Have you ever been up close to a rhino? I haven't either until today. They are considered endangered, which I also didn't know. It was amazing to see this creature that reminds me of the dinosaurs up close and personal.

To end the tour, we went straight to the lions den. I walked in... No lions in their cages.... No lions in their cages... No lions in their cages... then BAM! RAWR! Lions were right up at their cages and scared the living daylights out of me. Of course, everyone had me go first. It was still just so amazing to see and I was happy to know that they were in the cages while I was visiting. LOL.

The Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo has their Zoo Brew this weekend. This is a fantastic way to hang out with the animals and try out some yummy brews. You can find out more and purchase your tickets here:



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