Streaming observer did a recent poll to see what horror film each state is obsessed with.



So what film is NY obsessed with? Well.. Psycho! That's right! Psycho!

Massachusetts? Silence of The Lambs

Texas? Texas Chainsaw Massacre

District of Columbia? The Exorcist

Delaware? The Birds

Colorado? The Shining

Connecticut? Pans Labyrinth

Alabama? Halloween

You can check out the full list here... 


Are you surprised with this list? I just thought it was cool to reminisce of all the old horror movies. I am surprised Hocus Pocus didn't make the list for Massachusetts, though that isn't considered a horror movie, it is definitely a Halloween staple.

What movie do you HAVE to watch around Halloween time? I like to watch them all. But, not just at Halloween time but all the time. I love those heart thumping moments. I've also developed my fear of chainsaws because of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.




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