It's amazing that getting sick for some people immediately transforms them to children.

According to a new survey, 12% of adults say when they get sick, they still CALL THEIR MOM for comfort, advice, or both.

Other results of the survey from PR Newswire are less surprising...

61% of people say they take over-the-counter drugs . . . 44% go to a doctor . . . and 19% just ignore the illness and hope it goes away.  (People could give more than one answer.)

With flu season upon us here are some other things that are recommended; flu shots, get more sleep, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your mouth, nose and face as much as possible.  If you start to feel a cold coming many people take Vitamin C or a Zinc supplement as a preventative measure.

Just for the sake of prevention as well as education, here is the proper way to wash your hands...

"The proper way to wash is to use clean water and soap. Rub your hands together and scrub front, back and in between your fingers for at least 20 seconds. Finally, rinse and dry," says medical microbiologist Michael P. McCann, Ph.D., professor of biology, Saint Joseph's University. "Thorough hand washing with a scrubbing motion is highly effective in removing bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms from the surface of the skin."

Good luck and in words often used by my family when one of us was sick...Stay away from me.




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