There is too much debate whether or not the cold weather can actually make you more "sick." Well here are the cold, hard facts!



It's cold outside, you want to sit snuggly warm on the couch with fuzzy slippers sipping hot cocoa, the heat is turned up and all is well until you catch a cold.

No one likes to be sick and there are a lot of myths out there that you can actually catch a cold from the cold weather.

Dr. Joseph Chow from Western New York Immediate Care said,

When it is cold outside, what happens is people congregate inside and they can spread germs a lot easier. There's also consideration that in the cold weather, certain viruses may live longer or travel further in the cold air, so I will say the cold air does not give you colds, but I will give it a little asterisk -- a little assist that we do see more illnesses during the cold weather."

So there's the reason why you seem to be "sicker" in the colder months.

What are some remedies to combat a cold?

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