Some things you heard as a kid might stick with you your entire life, even if it may NOT be true, like if you swallow a piece of gum it takes 7 years to digest it (FALSE).

Here are some other common myths compiled by Best Life Online:

  1. The Sun is Yellow (FALSE) space the Sun would look white, yellow and orange are the wavelengths our eyes let us see.
  2. The Appendix is useless (FALSE)...Scientists now believe it is the home of "helpful bacteria" that helps ward off disease.
  3. Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis (FALSE) such connection has been found.
  4. Dropping a penny from a tall building will kill someone (FALSE) doesn't have enough mass.
  5. Adding salt to water makes it boil faster (FALSE)...actually adding salt will cause it to take longer to boil, but only incrementally.

Whet your appetite...oh there are plenty more here.

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