Generally speaking, getting ready for a date can be summed up like this:

FOR WOMEN --  What should I wear? Black is slimming, but I shouldn't fear color. These shoes might be too high if he tries to kiss me. Do I look fat in this? Should I wear my hair up or down? Is a skirt too much? Jeans not formal enough, right? Earrings -- studs or danglies? Short sleeves? My arms are too big. Is this makeup good in ALL lighting? I can't wear white, it shows everything. Maybe I should just cancel, I can't find anything to wear.

FOR MEN -- (sniff) This looks clean...where are my keys?

So, I give you, courtesy of, a list of the top four should and should-not's for dates:


  1. No sweatpants.
  2. No flip-flops and shorts...unless a) you're going to the beach, b) it's a holiday and/or picnic-type date, OR c) it's your 10th date and you're getting ice cream.
  3. Nothing covered in pet hair.
  4. Too much bling. If you usually wear a cross or small chain, fine. Don't show up lookin' like Mr. T. (Also, a small amount of scent is OK...but don't go overboard on the Axe Body Spray!)


  1. No Uggs. There's a reason they're called Uggs. Seriously. They're the foot version of sweatpants.
  2. No "stripper" heels, thigh-high leather boots or super-short mini skirts. LOOK sexy...not like Miley.
  3. Ease up on the cleavage. If you want to have a real conversation with a man, don't give him any more distractions.
  4. No long, fake fingernails. Most men assume this means you're high maintenance.  Most men don't like high maintenance.

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