So I just moved back to Buffalo a couple of months ago after being away for 12 years and now my son's school is holding a Meat Raffle and I have no idea what it is!!

So I got a message from my son Avry's school (Sweet Home Middle School) about their meat raffle taking place this Friday. Now, when I grew up in West Seneca, we used to sell oranges by the bag for our school I never have gone to a meat raffle!

So what is a Meat Raffle?? In my mind, this is what happens...

A bunch of people line up in from of piles of meat and there is an auctioneer and they just start selling off meat! Plus the auctioneer talks really really fast and you only need to slightly move your left ear to bid...and then the winners take home hunks of meat!!

While I am almost 100% sure that this is not how it works, it would be pretty cool to see that. I guess people in a very civil way but raffle tickets for a chance to win meat!

If you are interested in Meat and want to support my son's school you can get the Meat Raffle details below!


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