If you have taken a ride through the Southtowns here in Western New York you might have driven past a weird sad face and thought what is up with that?

The sad face sign is nailed to a tree at the corner of Omphalius Road and Cole Road Boston, New York.

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I was taking a road trip with my wife and we noticed the sign but had no idea the story behind it. We thought that maybe someone had hung up the sign just in time for Halloween for a spooky reason but it turns out that the sign has been there for years and it has to do with a possible group home that was supposed to be built.

The sign was first nailed to the trees back in 2016 when New York State was trying to build a group home for male sex offenders. Residents in the town of Boston were very much against the proposed group home and to show their disapproval of the proposed building, one of them hung up the sad face sign.

Well, the group home for male sex offenders was never built on the corner as both town officials and residents voiced concerns over the proposed building but no one ever took down the sign.

So as people continued to drive past the wooded corner lot, that sign raised a lot of questions. Why is it there? Who put it up? What does it mean?

Next time you drive past the corner of Cole Road and Omphalius Road in Boston, you now know the story of the sad face sign.

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