We know that paying tolls is a big pain for lots of people, so we want to help you!

Buffalo is known as the city of Good Neighbors and we want to be a good neighbor for you! So this Thursday from 10am-11pm, Melody and I are going to do the heavy lifting and actually take your money and place it in the toll bin for you!

That's right, no reaching out the car window for you on Thursday! We will collect your money and drop it into the toll collecting bin for you!

We will be at the Grand Island Tolls, so don't hand your money over to the toll collector, give it to us and we will deposit it for you!

We want to be good neighbors, so please let us help!

***BTW...This is just a joke, the Grand Island Tolls, will go cashless starting on Thursday and you will pay the toll automatically as you drive thru via EZ pass or a bill that will be mailed to you later***

Read more about the cashless tolls HERE

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