Experts say you can fight with your partner and still stay close. Here are some tips from relationship experts that can help you be more mindful and productive with your fights:

  • Really listen - instead of just arguing
  • Be open to being Wrong
  • Know what's behind your emotions

Consider this...

new research shows just how bad arguing is for our physical health: A 20-year study from the University of California, Berkeley, has begun to pinpoint some of the negative, long-term health effects of arguing. Researchers found that while “outbursts of anger predict cardiovascular problems… shutting down emotionally or ‘stonewalling’ during conflict raises the risk of musculoskeletal ailments such as a bad back or stiff muscles.”

Again research shows that by taking each of these steps, our partner is more likely to soften, reciprocate, and respond to us in a calm and mindful way.

(Psychology Today)

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