It's not that hard to tell when someone's totally wrong for you.  But totally right is a little trickier. Are you wondering whether you have found a keeper?

Have you ever been out with someone who is rude to the wait staff, or spends the entire first date talking about his "crazy ex"... If so you may want to head to the restroom and NOT come back.

Here are some signs that THIS is the right person for you!

1.  They're the first person you want to share good OR bad news with.

2.  You're REAL around them.

3.  You communicate well with them, even when things get tough.

4.  You're on the same team.

5.  Your friends like them.

The question is can you be friends with this person.  Be around them when silence isn't awkward, and passion isn't necessarily involved.  Can you disagree without being personally insulting?  Sometimes kissing and making up is the best part.

(Huffington Post)

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