During the dash-cam video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest, he's asked to recite the alphabet (not "the National Anthem backwards"...), neither of which he's really able to do.

That request actually has a name:  the Romberg Alphabet Test.  An attorney explains:

The Romberg Alphabet test during a DUI investigation, administered often in Florida, is to state the alphabet forwards, not backwards, and to do so without singing or using voice inflections/rhyming. It is a non-standard test and despite a large public misconception, is not asked to be recited backwards.

(Here's a REALLY boring, dry, dull explanation of it in video form)

So I gave it a whirl this morning. I found it pretty easy. Granted, I had taken no prescription drugs, had nothing to drink, and it was 8:10am and I was at work.

Naturally, I threw in my own curve ball at the end.  Ya know, for extra credit.

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