"Mini Me" Verne Troyer passed away on Saturday...



Verne Troyer who played "Mini Me" passed away from unknown causes. The actor was 49 years old. You would know of him by his various movie performances. More predominantly, Austin Powers.

The actor was known to be battling some demons. He was struggling with addiction issues and have been in and out of rehab. Three weeks before his death there were unconfirmed reports of him going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

You really don't know what kind of battle someone is going through and that is why it is so important to be nice to everyone. Even a simple smile can go a long way.

A story like this is something where we all can reflect on it. Life is too short and it is imperative to live it to the fullest. You never know what the next moment will bring. Hug your loved ones!

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