It's National Selfie Day and we decided to celebrate this time honored tradition by taking part with a few of our own.  The good news is that Val has a black belt in selfie taking...the bad news is that I might actually be the worst selfie taker of all time.


If you follow Val on social media (FB: Val Townsend; @716LiveBuffalo; Insta: ValMix96) you would see that she takes selfies like a boss.  She always nails the lighting, the look, and most importantly...she's by herself.  Turns out that's what makes a selfie, a selfie!


If you follow me on social media (@comictonyp) you will see almost no selfies.  The reason, I am terrible at taking them.  Whenever I try it is like an hour of poses, deletions, and shame.  It is definitely an art form, and one I have not mastered.  For whatever reason I just can't get it right.


So out of my failures I will help you have success.  Here are my steps to a successful selfie:

1. Good lighting - this is an important step for all types of photos so of course it will be big for selfies.  If you're like me, the less light the better!

2. Angle - Your arms can only do so much, but make them work for you.

3. Background - the whole point of a selfie is the background...unless it's an inappropriate one, then the foreground is the most important!

4. Filters - this is what takes your selfie from good to great.  Anyone that says 'no filter' when posting their selfie is a liar.  Don't trust them.


So there it is.  Follow these steps and you will be on your way to mastering selfies.  These don't work for me, I'm helpless.  For some reason I can't take a selfie without looking crazy.



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