I don't know about you, but I truly feel there is nothing better than a great selfie.

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If you picked up my phone to look through the photo gallery, of the more than 6,000 photos I've taken, I suspect that somewhere around 4,500 of them are selfies of some sort. Whether it's solo selfies of me, pics with my sons, silly photo's with my dog, there's just something about capturing those fun moments right in that device you carry with you everywhere.

I also suspect that if someone were to go through the photo gallery on your phone, they would find the exact same thing.

Given that we take so many self-portraits, I wouldn't be surprised if the topic of where I should be when I take my next selfie has to have come up from time to time.

There are all kinds of cool places in the area to take a good selfie. In addition to spots like Selfie Wrld in the Boulevard Mall, the Buffalo area is well known for its history and architecture, so that means there are plenty of locations that would serve as a great backdrop to for your masterpiece.

However, with it being winter time in Buffalo, some of those few locations are enhanced with the presence of all the cold and snow that we get this time of year.

Just of the top of my head, I think about locations along Canalside or in front of Buffalo City Hall. Anyway, here is what I think are the top 10 stops to take a winter selfie in Buffalo.

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