Tis' the season of school holiday concerts.



It's not the holidays without a school holiday concert. You know you'll be attending one especially if you have kids. So here are the typical kids you will see at a holiday concert this week.

1. The Super loud singer

2. The Thrower upper

3. The only one who knows choreography

4. The Fancy dresser

5. The enthused lip syncher

6. The statue

7. The not so fancy dresser

8. The kid who cries in the corner

Who else can you think of? What do you normally see at your Holiday concerts for school? Do you think this is accurate?


When is your kids holiday concert this week?

What is your kid like?

Can you personally relate to this?

I was always the choreographer, fancy dresser, and the super loud one. I always got the solos in school because I was super loud. LOL. What else is new?

I know when I taught in school and had my holiday concert, my older kids were the best lip synchers. lol.

Happy Holidays!

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