Parking in the City of Buffalo can be quite a task! It's especially difficult when it's a snow day and most everyone is home from work and there are strict rules in place about parking on the side of the street. I have been ticketed in front of my old apartment building on Niagara Street. Even though we think we have the right to park in front of our homes, the City of Buffalo has other ideas. I was able to eventually get my tickets, which were issued on Thanksgiving of all days, a few years ago, dismissed. The only way I could avoid being charged to park in front of the building in which I lived was by calling the head man in charge of parking multiple times (think stalker). I looked up the law for parking in front of a residence and explained to him that I was not in violation. Mind you, this all happened after I contested the ticket, presented my evidence to the traffic judge, and was still denied.

I say all of that to say if you know you have been wrongly ticketed or towed, fight it! Don't let the City of Buffalo steal your hard-earned money. Parking enforcement agents have one job - to bring revenue back to City Hall. Any minor infraction and they are on your ass! If you end up getting towed by the City, first, verify whether you are violating any posted signs where you parked. Take photos for evidence purposes. If you are not in violation, don't be afraid - exercise your right to contest it. But in addition to exercising your rights, you will definitely need to get your vehicle back. You can find out how to do that below.

How To Find Out If Your Car Has Been Towed By City Of Buffalo

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