I lived in Buffalo my whole life and I am constantly surprised on how rich in history this city and surrounding areas are. I am also surprised on how much I am unaware of all the great things there are to do here.

I was in a ride share and met a great guy named Gordon who enlightened me about EXPLORE BUFFALO and as I "explored" their site; I was "blown away" on all that was offered and disappointed that I only found out it now because, as you will read, the opportunity to tour season is ending in October.


With over 70 different tours available by foot, bike, bus, and kayak, our volunteer docents will show you Buffalo's architecture, history, and neighborhoods. Join us on a tour today!

Walking, biking, kayaking and bus tours are offered on a regular schedule from mid-April through October. Click on each of the categories below to learn more, or view the Calendar to see what tours are available on a particular day. New tours are frequently added to the Calendar, so check back often to see what new tours have been added.



PADDLE IT kayak tours of Buffalo’s waterfront in partnership with Elevator Alley Kayak.


So 'Let's Go Buffalo' get out and experience a great city... with even great offerings.

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