The City of Buffalo will begin towing cars parked illegally at 9 am on today, Friday, February 4, 2022. There has already been a large number of cars towed. According to what Buffalo Department of Public Works Commissioner Michael Finn told WIVB yesterday, 70 cars that were illegally parked have been towed on side streets to make way for snowplows.

If your car is parked illegally and it is preventing snow crews from plowing roads today, you can expect it to be towed. The City is working to clear the streets as quickly as possible.

How To Find Out If Your Car Has Been Towed By City Of Buffalo

If you suspect that the city has towed your illegally parked car. Here's what you need to do. First, check here to see if it shows up in the city's database.

If you don't see your car on the list, it could have been "mini-towed" as the city puts it,

If your vehicle is not on the list, it may have been mini-towed. Depending on how your vehicle was parked, it may have been moved to a legal parking space up to 500 feet away. A mini-tow fee will be added to the ticket issued instead of charging for a full tow.

The city only tows vehicles parked on city streets or property, so if it wasn't, the city wouldn't have towed it. If your car hasn't been towed or mini-towed, the city says you should contact your local police district. You can find the list of districts and the links to their webpages here.

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