With the arrival of spring, many people are busy cleaning up around the outside of their homes, planting gardens, and doing some of those home repair projects that are very difficult to do during the long and brutal winters in Buffalo.

Those are all things that I have been doing in my home and I know many of my friends have been doing so also.

Springtime also means that neighborhood associations, block clubs, and small non-profits are beginning to come back outside to start planning their activities to make the neighborhoods in Buffalo better.

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To help some of these projects get off the ground and going, the City of Buffalo Division of Citizen Services has begun to offer a small grant program that will allow the use of taxpayer funds to do neighborhood cleanups and other beautification projects.

The Love Your Block Mini-Grant Program aims to help small community organizations create foundations for lasting, sustainable change through building partnerships that facilitate volunteerism and create potential for future endeavors.
-Love Your Block Program Description

This grant program is called the Love Your Block Mini-Grant Program and makes available grant funds, up to $1,500, to neighborhood-based organizations like block clubs and other neighborhoods group who are willing to take on projects that reduce neighborhood blight. Funds that are awarded can be used to fund projects like lighting vacant lots, painting murals, or planting a community garden.

For more information, you can click here to visit the City of Buffalo Division of Citizen Services Love Your Block Mini-Grant Program website.

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