Now that the Buffalo Bills are looking at a possible new stadium (Read Story HERE), here are my Top 5 locations the team could put their new digs.

5. Niagara Falls - Now only does it already have a World Wonder, but there is plenty of space and most times when you see the Bills on National TV, there is always a shot of the Falls.

4. Downtown Buffalo - Why not knock down the Skyway and put the Bills next to their cousins the Buffalo Sabres...Sundays in the Fall would be fun with a Bills game at 1 pm and a Sabres game at 7:05 pm!

3. West Seneca - My hometown...We just paid like 15 Billion dollars for a new library, I am sure we could raise the taxes to build a stadium.

2. Depew - What else does the smallest village in the area have going for them?

1. Toronto - Just Kidding....Screw you, Jon Bon Jovi!

Where would you like to see the Bills?

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