Buffalo Bills rookie mini-camp just kicked off and we are eagerly looking forward to the Josh Allen era of Bills Football, but until his 1st snap, let's take a look back!

Here are (in our opinion) the Top 5 All-Time Quarterbacks that played for the Buffalo Bills! (All stats provided by NFL.com)

5. Joe Ferguson (1973-1984) - Joe was a 3rd round pick of the Bills in the 1973 draft.

Career Passing Yards: 29,817
Career TDs: 196
Career INTs: 209
Career Passing Rating: 68.4

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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4. Doug Flutie - (1998-2000)- While he was only here for 3 years, Flutie brought a swagger to the team and of course Flutie Flakes!

Career Passing Yards: 41,355
Career TDs: 270
Career INTs: 155
Career Passing Rating: 103.9

Doug Flutie #7
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3. Frank Reich (1985-1994) - Frank was probably the most famous Back-up Quarterback in NFL history, but of course lead the Bills to the GREATEST Comeback ever!

Career Passing Yards: 6,075
Career TDs: 40
Career INTs: 36
Career Passing Rating: 72.9

Frank Reich
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2. Jack Kemp (1962-1969) The only Buffalo Bills Quarterback to lead the team to a league Championship! AFL in 1964 and 1965

Career Passing Yards: 21,218
Career TDs: 114
Career INTs: 183
Career Passing Rating: 57.3

AFC-NFC Hall of Fame Game: Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins
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1. Jim Kelly (1986-1996) The master mind of the K-Gun offense!

Career Passing Yards: 35,467
Career TDs: 237
Career INTs: 175
Career Passing Rating: 84.4

Jim Kelly
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