Most people are VERY proud to be from Buffalo and Western New York. I lived all over the country and noticed that there are some sure-fire signs that someone is from Buffalo.

With that being said, here are the Top 10 Signs you are from Buffalo: (In no particular order)

1. We just called them WINGS...not Buffalo wings, or chicken wings...just wings

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2. You had to wear your Halloween Costume over a snowsuit at least once growing up

3. You leave your ski lift tickets on your jacket year round

4. You know it is called POP...not Soda, not Soda pop, not Coke...just Pop


5. No matter what town you live in when someone from out of town asks where you are from you just say Buffalo...and no we don't go to New York City on the weekends

6. Your "vacation" is a week-long stay at Allegheny State Park

7. You know what Beef On Weck, Sponge Candy, and Loganberry is and miss them when you are out of town

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8. Growing up, you wore plastic bags inside your winter boots to help keep your feet dry while playing in the snow

9. You may of only have one or two snow days from school your whole childhood

10. You had to replace at least one tire after hitting a pothole

A large pot hole filled with water on an asphalt road
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