It's Funny Friday so we have another edition of Tony P's '30 Second Comedy Minute'!  We like to only feature comedians from our Western New York area so that we can highlight all of the talent that is here...and because I'm too lazy to exceed those parameters.


Today's comic is from the West Side of Buffalo, and has been performing for 6 years around town - Louie Gee.  Louie is a funny guy who really just talks about his life and experiences on stage.  His honesty is what makes his jokes so funny, and has made him become a fun comedian to watch at Helium Comedy Club.


Today's joke comes from a set he did at Babeville where he talks about life as a bartender.  If you missed it on the show you can hear it right here and kick your weekend with a laugh!

For more on Louie you can follow him on Facebook: Louie Gee; on Twitter @Louiegatbs; or you can see him live hosting the Dirty Show at Helium Comedy Club this Sunday, July 9th at 7:30.  Tweet at him and he might just send you some show tickets.


  • Born and raised: Born and raised on the west side of Buffalo. Growing up in a Spanish neighborhood, my mom originally sent me to a bi-lingual school. I came home crying after my first day and eventually switched. Not because of the Spanish kids, but because I had just seen the movie "It" the week before and a clown showed up the first day of school. I stand by my decision.
  • Age started doing comedy: 27. Funny tidbit about that. I've been doing stand up for 6 years now and in the joke you featured, I've always been a "30 year old bartender ".It's the biggest reason I will forever to tell that joke.
  • First Place Performed: Goodbar open mic in front of dozens of my friends that watched me slur a bunch of horrible jokes. The fact that I ever got on a stage again after that night amazes me. Good thing was that I had years of practice when it came to embarrassing myself.
  • Favorite Comedian: I'm biased because I've worked with them but Robert Kelly and Josh Wolf are class act dudes. I've never seen Helium crushed the way Kelly did and Josh was one of coolest guys I've had the pleasure to work with.
  • Little Known Fact: Is there a little known fact about someone who talks about their life on stage? Here's one I don't talk about on stage yet. I have to shower after every time I poop. And I have irritable bowel syndrome. My water bill is the same as a Splash Lagoons. (I don't know if Splash Lagoon is even a water park but it sounded right). I feel like I shouldn't only talk about pooping as my little known fact. I'll say this too: I think I'm in top five percentile in all of Buffalo's white males, over the age of 30...over the weight of 225, and who also had to overcome losing a 6th toe at birth, when it comes to dancing.

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