It's Funny Friday which means it's time for another Tony P's '30 Second Comedy Minute' where we only feature Buffalo comedians...normally.  Today is a little different since a comedic icon has passed, so I decided to pay tribute to him instead.


How can I do this when we are only supposed to feature Buffalo comics?  Easy, it's my show and I can do whatever I want, and today that is saluting someone who made it to 90 while still performing comedy, which is absolutely amazing.  Don't worry, we will resume our WNY comics next week, but right now we will pay homage to one of the greatest ever.


Don Rickles is one of the few people who can say that he forgot more about comedy then you'll ever know.  He has been there and done that.  There is almost nothing that he didn't do in the comedy world, and to stay relevant until 90 is a testament to how good he was.


If you missed the '30 Second Comedy Minute' today you can listen again here.  Enjoy some Rickles one last time as he jokes with David Letterman.


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