While I grew up in Jamestown, I've only been back in WNY for 4 and a half years.  Things are still very new to me, and I use my GPS to get just about everywhere.

The thing is, the GPS gives you directions from a computer...not a person.  And it's not always the fastest route....which you'll learn quickly if you've got a "townie" in the car with you!  "NO! Don't go this way...that light is REALLY long! Turn here...it's quicker."


There are also great little "secret" parking spots and best times to go to certain stores and who's always got the cheapest gas.

Here, we'll get you started...then comment below (or on twitter @mix96buffalo) with your #TipsFromTownies...

  • You can't use the bathroom at Mighty Taco on Chippewa after 11pm.
  • The sauce at Duff's on Dick Road seems hotter than at the other locations.
  • You CAN drive and park on Main Street in Buffalo!
  • Orange chocolate is a thing
  • Chef's is closed on Sundays, and if you want a table on Saturday you should call  ahead by Monday or Tuesday
  • Pearl Street is two-way now
  • They only take cash at Vizzi's

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