Well, we made another national list!  Unfortunately this one is for having the 63rd worst bottleneck in the country.  Using the thought that all press is good press, maybe it's not such a bad thing!


Ok it is bad, but at least we don't have the traffic that other major cities in the country have.  Have you ever driven in NYC or LA??  It is enough to make you miss Western New York winters!


The intersection in question is where the I-90 meets the I-290.  Part of what causes this bottleneck is the Williamsville Toll Barrier, and the merging of the 33.


What's interesting about this report coming out is that last Friday (1/20/17), I literally almost got into a major accident right at this location.

used car airbag

I was merging onto the I-90E from the 33, heading towards the I-290.  As I merged, there was a car on the side of the road stopped with it's hazard lights on.  A van that was on the 90 tried merging into my lane and I was almost sandwiched between the 2 vehicles.


This was at 6pm and it was raining so it would have been a disaster if we would have collided.  Fortunately that did not happen and the van allowed me to squeeze through.  Strangely, as it happened I did think to myself that this has to be the 63rd worst bottleneck in the country.


I'm kidding, but I do drive that route a couple Friday nights a month and it is not fun merging in that area.  If you do the same, take it slow and recognize the fact that you are driving in a famous part of the country.  We did it Buffalo!

For more on this dubious honor check out Business First.

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