It's Throwback Thursday and today we are looking back 30 years to movies that came out in 1987.  It's hard to believe that 30 years have gone by since these movies debuted, but what is even more insane is how great a year for movies it was!  Here is a list of some of the classics:

  • Mannequin (Feb. 13) - Kim Cattrall whenever you wanted? A man wrote this movie.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful (Feb. 27) - Lea Thompson drops her standards low enough to make all guys think they have a chance.
  • Lethal Weapon (March 6) - Remember when Mel Gibson was cool?
  • Raising Arizona (March 6) - Nicolas Cage as trailer trash...barely had to act.
  • The Secret of My Success (April 10) - Was there anything Michael J Fox couldn't do? 
  • The Untouchables (June 2) - Who doesn't want to bash someones head with a baseball bat.
  • Spaceballs (June 26) - When will then be now?  Soon... 
  • Innerspace (July 1) - The only way to shrink Dennis Quaid's ego. 
  • The Lost Boys (July 31) - When Vampire movies were cool.  Sorry team Edward.
  • Moonstruck (Dec. 16) - Cher!  What else do you need??
  • Can’t Buy Me Love (Aug. 14) - McDreamy when he was McDorky.
  • Dirty Dancing (Aug. 21) - Nobody puts baby in the corner...unless it's Patrick Swayze.  He can do what he wants. 
  • The Princess Bride (Sept. 25) - It's inconceivable that this movie came out 30 years ago!
  • Hiding Out (Nov. 6) - Everybody wanted to go back to high school as a young adult and run that $h*%!!
  • The Running Man (Nov. 13) - Sadly, Arnold doesn't do the 'running man' in the movie.
  • Three Men and a Baby (Nov. 25) - The concept of men raising babies is still funny today.
  • Planes Trains and Automobiles (Nov. 25) - Back then you didn't get dragged off planes.
  • Wall Street (Dec. 11) - Thank God this kind of corruption doesn't exist today on Wall Street.

I have seen all of these movies which shows how worldly I am, or how much of a dork I am.  How many of these have you seen?  Comment and let us know.

Princess Bride Reunion
Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

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