It's Throwback Thursday, and we are going back to 1987 when Unsolved Mysteries made it's debut.  Robert Stack hosted this show that left us with more questions than answers, but kept our minds wondering about what really happened!


First off, easily the best theme song in TV history.  It perfectly captures the mood of the show and makes you think is it aliens, a ghost, murder, abduction, paranormal, the government - who knows!!  Sometimes the composers of TV themes don't get there name in the spotlight, and I want to change that right now.  Congratulations to whoever wrote that, you did a good job (didn't have time to look up the name - I'm just kidding it's Gary Malkin).  Look at that, I even bolded it!

I was a superfan of the show and I remember watching it every week with my mom who was also a superfan.  If you were into the show I have a few facts that you might not know about.  If you weren't into the show, it doesn't matter, you can learn these facts too.

1. The original episodes starred the real life people doing the acting.  They didn't hire actors until later episodes when they realized that everyday people can't act!

2. Speaking of acting, one very famous actor made his debut on this show.  A young, scantily dressed Matthew McConaughey had his first paid gig on the show.

3. Even know the show is over, you can still submit information on some mysteries to their website.

We discussed this show phenomenon on today's show.  If you missed it you can hear it again here!


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